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Attract Connect Stay CRM Extras

JD Technology Services is thrilled to partner with Attract Connect Stay to bring you an exciting range of add-ons for your Attract Connect Stay CRM. These extensions are all about customizing your CRM to fit the unique needs of your Community Connector Program. With these tools, you can tailor your CRM experience to better meet your specific goals, making your daily operations smoother and more efficient. We’re here to help you make the most of your software by offering these extra exciting capabilities.

Microsoft Outlook

Outlook Integration

Enhance your Outlook experience with our integration that syncs your calendar and merges your contacts seamlessly. Leverage these features to streamline your communications and scheduling effortlessly!

  • Outlook Calendar Sync

  • Outlook Contacts Integration

Once-Off Setup Fee: $240*
Yearly Subscription: $499*


Google Integration

Boost your productivity with our Google integration, which offers seamless sync for your Google Calendar and Contacts, alongside secure Gmail authentication. These tools are designed to enhance your workflow and safeguard your communications.

  • Google Calendar Sync

  • Google Contacts Integration

  • Gmail Secure Authentication

Once-Off Setup Fee: $240*
Yearly Subscription: $399*


MailChimp Integration

Streamline your MailChimp campaigns with our addon that synchronizes target lists and provides insights into your targets’ activities. Take advantage of these capabilities to enhance your existing email marketing strategies!

  • Target list sync

  • Viewing target’s activity

  • And more

Once-Off Setup Fee: $320*
Yearly Subscription: $399*

Advanced Pack

Advanced Pack

Take your CRM to the next level with our Advanced Pack, featuring comprehensive reporting tools, automated workflows, and robust business process management. These features are crafted to streamline operations and enhance efficiencies across the board.

  • Reports

  • Workflows

  • Business Process Management

Once-Off Setup Fee: $640*
Yearly Subscription: $859*

Custom Solutions

Need Something Else...?

We’re here to ensure that your CRM system perfectly fits your needs. If there’s a specific feature or customisation you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to let us know. We are ready to tailor a solution that addresses your unique requirements, helping you achieve optimal efficiency and success. Your satisfaction is our priority—reach out today to discuss your needs!

* All prices are excluding GST

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